Website acceptable use policy

Website acceptable use policy

Website Acceptable Use Policy

The objective of this document is to define the terms and conditions under which the Association des Anciens du Lycée Français Charles de Gaulle de Londres (hereafter referred to as the Association des Anciens), the website editors, provides the website and its services to users and the way users can access the website and use its services.
The use of the website assumes the respect of these conditions.
For users accessing the Association des Anciens website at the URL address : implies acceptance of all the conditions as set out below.

The information requested on the registration form is required for membership.
Members agree to update any changes to their personal details (address, telephone, e-mail…) on the membership section of the Association des Anciens website.
Members agree to keep their password for security access to the website confidential and not to divulge it to others.
Members agree to receive any publicity the Association des Anciens sends on behalf of our partners.
Members may not use any details given in the directory for financial gain.

Activities organised by the Association des Anciens are for members only, unless otherwise stated.
Members attest that their participation in the Association des Anciens’s activities is at their own volition.
Members acknowledge that the Association des Anciens and its volunteers decline all responsibility for any physical or material damages incurred during these activities.
Members thereby free the Association des Anciens and its volunteers of any liability and agree to abstain from pursuing the Association and its volunteers in the event of any physical or material damages incurred during these activities.
Members acknowledge that they have been informed that this applies to themselves and any other person that they invite or register to take part in an Association des Anciens activity.

Photographs are routinely taken during activities and may be posted on the Association des Anciens communication pages (photo gallery on the website, Facebook, LinkedIn) unless a member has previously sent a written refusal.

If an activity is fully booked, members will be placed on a waiting list. If a place becomes available they will be contacted and if the waiting list is sufficiently large another date might be offered if this is possible.

The cost of activities and events is given in pounds sterling, including any taxes. To facilitate organisation members are asked to secure their place at paying ( and non-paying) events as indicated on the publicity.

The Association des Anciens reserves the right to cancel activities or events if the number of participants is insufficient or in the event of force majeure (illness, bad weather…). In this case members will be notified.
If a member cancels, they must inform the organisers as soon as possible as others may be on a waiting list.

The checking and publishing of ads may, without recourse to complaint, be suspended or delayed for several days (holiday periods, public holidays …). The Association des Anciens does not guarantee to publish an ad on the day it is received ; it may take several days as those who undertake this task are volunteers.
The Association des Anciens reserves the right as to whether it will or will not publish an advertisement. The Association des Anciens reserves the right to refuse an advertisement that is incomplete or discriminatory.
As it is beyond their control and despite their vigilance, the Association des Anciens cannot be held responsible for fraudulent offers and will not be held liable for any problems resulting from the publishing of an advertisement
The advertiser is wholly and solely responsible for their advertisement (text and links) and the consequences.
Members are asked to notify the Association of any advertisement that seems incorrect or abusive.
The Association des Anciens will not accept any comments on their forums which are mendacious, violent, discriminatory, racist, offensive or defamatory and reserve the right to disbar from the Association any person who does not adhere to the rules.