Actualités en 2018

One of the Alumni Stephane Rambosson met the students

This informal meeting was one part of the " déjeuner rencontre" organised by our Association three times a year.
We asked Stephane to give us his feeling after this gathering !

One of the Alumni Stephane Rambosson met the students

I was blessed to meet a good dozen students from the Lycee over lunch at our School and discuss my professional travels and exchange with them. They were a great mix of 2nd and mostly 1ere, many from S and some from ES. Including the lovely ’interruption’ from my former sport teachers Mr Doohan and Mr Rees, it was a warm and rich exchange. After an introduction from Headmaster Rauch and a presentation, we delved into Q&As with many more on finance than on HR. Had I regretted a career in finance and would I do it again ? How could we limit the negative impacts of globalisation ? What studies should one opt for : have McGill and Bocconi appropriate standards ? How best to prepare sought after Sciences Po ? I remain at their disposal if they have more questions and I can shed a light, and so should all Alumni, and wish them all the best for their studies and professional life.

Stephane Rambosson

Vici Advisory